2017 Kites2Kure Dystonia Event

Please join us for the 2017 KBSDF Kites2Kure Dystonia event at Historic Boom Island Park in Minneapolis, MN on Sunday June 4, 2017 from Noon to 3pm CDT. Corporate and Private Custom Super Kites available for sponsorship to raise funding for Dystonia Research and Awareness. This is going to be a fun and high-flying event! Imagine over 100 “Super Kites” displaying many colors and logos flying from the park where the Mississippi Queen used to dock! This is a family event and all proceeds will go towards Dystonia Research and Awareness. Plan ahead and spend the weekend enjoying the beautiful City of Minneapolis – Voted Best Park System in America. More info to come!

Boom Island Park is located at 724 Sibley St NE Minneapolis, MN 55413.

Kites2Kure Dystonia Event Sponsors

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Where Does the Money Go?

The three main frontiers of scientific exploration are the vast of space, the depths of the ocean, and the mysteries of the brain. Of those outstanding brain mysteries is the understanding and treatment of Dystonia, an intractable movement disorder.

Through the generous support of The Kurt B. Seydow Dystonia Foundation we hope to expand this discovery process. The University of Minnesota Dystonia research team led by Drs. Jerrold Vitek, Greg Molnar and Josh Aman is a premier center that focuses on the brain pathophysiology of Dystonia in addition to studying the effects and benefits of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) in the Globus Pallidus to treat the symptoms.

There are many advances in our understanding of DBS, from choosing the right candidate, finding the best target in the brain and exploring the optimal parameters of stimulation. As such, much of our unique work focuses on identifying patient and brain-based biomarkers to help guide the therapy.

In this past year, the team invested in the study of the brain pathophysiology of a patient who underwent DBS and volunteered to allow for more thorough interoperative brain electrical recordings. The research team has found some unique findings specific to Dystonia and plans to include more volunteers for this study in the coming months and to expand such recordings post surgery and then chronically with awaited brain sensing DBS device technology planned at the University.

Creating the hospital infrastructure to allow for post-operative recording was also accomplished in the last year. The 2016 initial support from the Foundation helped support Dr. Aman’s time and the time of two researchers to do this detailed data collection and analysis, purchase special recording and analysis equipment, and support efforts to make such research possible. Naturally, once this groundwork and infrastructure is set then the research will scale up.

In summer 2017, the team will work to establish a Dystonia support and resource group for the upper mid-west to bring visibility to Dystonia, the University and DBS. Continuing donations to the KBSDF to support this research will also leverage the large gravity of the team’s new Udall Center infrastructure and go further to make such neurophysiology studies possible. As the research scales up in the coming months and years this will allow for novel chronic brain recordings, shedding even more light on who, when, where and how to stimulate to optimize this life changing therapy to treat Dystonia.

Dr. Gregory F. Molnar, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Neurology
University of Minnesota Medical School

2017 Kites2Kure Dystonia Vendors announced:

-Blue Moo Ice Cream: http://www.bluemooicecream.com/ (serving a variety of ice cream treats!)

-Natedogs: http://www.natedogs.com/ (serving all natural, skin on hotdogs, bags of gourmet potato chips, bottled water and canned sodas.)

2017 Kites2Kure Dystonia Entertainment and Performers announced:

– Brooke Elizabeth: https://www.brookelizabethmusic.com/

– Goldy Gopher – Yes, that lovable “Goldy” will return to this year’s event! Goldy was very popular at last year’s event and will be returning this year!

Kites2Kure Dystonia Event Sponsors

For a Mail-In Donation form, please click here.

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2017 Kites2Kure Donors

Kathleen & Ben Fowke $25,000

 Platinum Elite
Lazard $12,000

Land O’ Lakes: $10,000
Richard & Theresa Davis $10,000
Vestas $10,000
NextEra Energy $9,000

Xcel Energy $6,000
Deloitte $6,000
Southern Company $6,000
Mortenson Construction $6,000
Invenergy LLC $6,000
The McDaniel Family $6,000
Ryan Companies $6,000
Berkshire Hathaway Energy $6,000
McKinsey & Company $6,000
Great River Energy $6,000

George & Laura Bilicic $3,000
Exelon Corp $5,000
Alan & Erika Hodnik $3,000
Ulteig $3,000
EIM (Energy Insurance Mutual Limited) $3,000
KPMG $3,000
Geronimo Energy $3,000
American Electric Power $3,000

Judy Poferl $1,000
Jane & Jim Ducharme $1,500
Minnesota Wild $1,000
Duke Energy: $2,500
Edison Electric Institute: $2,500
Jeff & Mindy Cotton $2,000
Willis Towers Watson $1,000
Tom Farrell $1,000
Duane and Patti Ring $1,000
CenterPoint Energy $1,000
Chris Clark $1,000
Scott & Joan Wilensky $1,000


Kathleen Pierce $100
The Kampling Family $200
Tundraclick Web Solutions $200
Eileen Seydow $100
Allan & Roxanne Rudeck $100
Hornig Family $100
George Wegner $400
Greg & Carol Chamberlain $100
The Kelly Family $100
Tiffany Morrow $100
Danny & Kimberlea Nugaard $120
Timothy O’Connor $500
David & Emily Rudolph $100
Bob & Renee Seydow $220
Susan Vold $100

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