Dear friends, 

As we all navigate through these challenging times, The Kurt B. Seydow Dystonia Foundation remains committed by assisting the University of Minnesota Neurology Department, lead by Jerrold Vitek MD,PHD, by promoting education and awareness to further advance the medical research needed to ultimately find a cure for dystonia. 

Dystonia does not let up during a pandemic. In fact, those with dystonia may find their tremors to be more painful, as anxiety and fatigue may make symptoms worsen. We need to find a cure.  

With a heartfelt decision in order to keep our community safe and follow the guidelines put forth by our Governor, the foundation will be canceling our “Kites2Kure” Dystonia event which was to be held at the end of May. Because of generous hearts like yours our work will continue. If you are able to donate we thank you in advance, however, we do understand that your dollars are being stretched at this unprecedented time. 

 You can be sure we will keep on with our mission and tell dystonia to “Go Fly a Kite!” 

 Stay healthy and safe friends,

 Kathleen Fowke, President & The KBSDF Team

The Kurt B. Seydow Dystonia Foundation


Your gift to The Kurt B. Seydow Dystonia Foundation will fund public and clinical awareness and education, research toward a cure, and dystonia community programs. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. All transactions are processed on a secure server to protect your personal information. If you prefer to make a donation by mail, please make your check payable to The Kurt B. Seydow Dystonia Foundation and mail it to:

The Kurt B. Seydow Dystonia Foundation
229 Minnetonka Ave S
PO Box 969
Wayzata MN 55391-2093

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Where do the proceeds go?

With last year’s successful “Kites2Kure” Dystonia event, we were able to present a check of $190,000.00 to the Department of Neurology at the University of Minnesota. This year with your help, we hope to more than double our proceeds in a continued effort to find a cure! The Kurt B. Seydow Dystonia Foundation is proud to report that we’ve been able to:
Provide the University of Minnesota with an additional Lead Scientist, as well as a Junior Scientist dedicated to Dystonia research and patient advocacy, specifically for Dystonia patients.

  • Implement a Monthly Support Group in the Twin Cities to further support Dystonia patients and their caregivers.
  • Assist the University of Minnesota Neurology Department with medical equipment in order to advance therapies for Dystonia patients, specifically DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation), also known as a “pacemaker for the brain.”
  • Provide the University with informational hand-outs for Dystonia patients and caregivers, benefitting their treatment plan and future therapies.
  • Facilitate a network of individuals who are passionate about finding a cure and ensuring no one feels alone and isolated.
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